3 Days Predator Trip !!!

On the 3-day trip (or longer - after your wish) Thailand - Fishing TFF Team bring you to waters that are too far away from Bangkok or Pattaya to fish them in one day.

  • We have about 20 different lakes available for Arapaima gigas and other big Predator Monsters.

  • Thailand-Fishing Arapaima and Predator Team loves hunting this beautiful and mysterious giant hunters.

  • Thailand-Fishing will take you just in time to the right place for your best catch ever.

  • With superior knowledge, long experience and best local contacts we make your adventure a memory of a lifetime.

  • We will fish different lakes.


Please tell us which fish species you would like to catch and we will take you to them.

Possible fish species:

  • Arapaima

  • Redtail Catfish

  • Alligator gar

  • Chao Phraya Catfish

  • Asian Redtail Catfish

  • Tambaqui

  • Snakehead

  • Pacu and more.

Travel process: 

  1. Pick up from Airport Bangkok / Bangkok Hotel or Pattaya Hotel Ride to the Lake.

  2. 3 days Predator fishing at different venues / accommodation near the venues.

  3. Bring you back to Hotel Bangkok or Hotel Pattaya.

All trips are including this cost:

•         Transportation

•         All fishing permits

•         Top-fishing equipment

•         Top baits

•         Top guiding with Thailand-Fishing Arapaima Predator Team.

           Accommodation near the lake

•         Food Catering and non-alcoholic beverages.

Enjoy our friendly service english / thai / german / Italy speaking Team.

To give you an individual offer please let us know: from where to start the trip / date / how many anglers / escorts / special wishes.

Raubfisch Angeln in Thailand-Bangkok-Pêche aux poissons prédateurs en Thaïlande-Bangkok-在泰國-曼谷-曼谷-巴黎-皮克斯河畔的掠食性魚類捕撈-Ловля хищной рыбы в Тайланде-Бангкок-タイでの略奪的な魚釣り-バンコク-Pesca di pesci predatori in Thailandia-Bangkok.