3 Day Giant Mekong Catfish Trip

Thailand-Fishing Team brings you deep inland to lakes that are seldom fished by foreigners.

On a 3 Day trip each of our guests could catch huge Mekong Catfish over 130 lbs. fish over

350 lbs. are possible!

This trip is for Giant Mekong Catfish, one of the strongest freshwater fish in the world.

Here anglers and equipment are challenged, are you ready for wild and strong fights?

Possible fishing time from 9am to 11pm


Travel process: pick up from Airport Bangkok /  Bangkok Hotel or Pattaya Hotel

  1. Ride to the Lake.

  2. 3 long days fishing for giant mekong catfish, accommodation near the venues.

  3. bring you back to Hotel Bangkok or Hotel Pattaya.


All trips are including this cost :

• Transportation

• all fishing permits

• Top-fishing equipment

• Top baits

• Top guiding with experts from Thailand-Fishing Team

• Accommodation / near the lake

• Catering Breakfast, lunch, dinner, non-alcoholic beverages

Enjoy the friendly service from Thailand-Fishing:  english / thai / german / Italy speaking Team.
To give you an individual offer please let us know: from where to start the trip / date / how many anglers / escorts / special wishes.