Thailand-Fishing Rules

  • All hooks must be barbless or have had the barbs crushed.

  • Rods are not to be left unattended at any time or for any reason.

  • Please help to protect the Fish! BIG Fish please take pictures in the water! Small Fish keep always wet and make fish photos quick!

  • All fishery staff should be treated with the same courtesy and respect that you would expect to receive yourself.

  • Please follow the advice of our guides.  They will have the final say on how a fish should be landed, photographed and released.

  • Any rods, reels or equipment that are broken or lost due to misuse/abuse will be charged.

  • Do not make loud noise or disturb other guests.

  • Do not bring any drinks or food to the venue.

  • For the most Fish applies Catch and release.

  • Thailand-Fishing assumes no responsibility for personal injury or property damage.

  • All trips are at your own risk.

For day trips: PayPal by email 1000THB for the deposit. Rest on arrival in cash. No credit cards!

For more days / week and more weeks Trips.
30% of the cost by booking / Rest 60 days for departure.

Cancellation / Billing / Agreement.
In case of cancellation by 100% refund.
In case of cancellation by the guest.
60 days before departure 10% of the total travel price.
from 59 days before departure 30% of the total travel price.
from 30 days before departure 50% of the total travel price.
from 14 days before departure 100% of the total travel price.



Frequently asked questions FAQ

If we go fishing with Thailand-Fishing TFF Team on the New Bungsamran we will catch fish?

# Yeah sure / with the top fishing guides from Thailand Fishing Team are catch from 10 to 20 fish normal. The question is if you have enough power / endurance.

At New Bungsamran what is the difference between fishing from the pier or bungalow?

# From pier is no extra cost.

From Bungalow is Private and much better fishing area / fishing spots.

On the website you write Thailand - Fishing makes it cheaper and better than if you can do it by yourself! What do you mean by that?

# Thailand-Fishing gets as a company discounts which we partly pass on you that makes it cheaper for you. You can check the orginal Price List and let TFF make a non-binding offer and you will see TFF-Team New Bungsamran makes the best price!

Our top guides / top equipment / top baits / our great experience make the fishing mutch better for you. CHEAPER and BETTER for sure!

At the New Bungsamran what is better / when are more fish caught / the day round or the night round?

# Day and night is good but Thailand Fishing Team recommends the day round catch more fish. For Mekong Catfish the rounds of the day are usually better. For Siam Carp the rounds of the night are usually better.

If we have fishing experience, must I have a guide on NBSR?

# No but: In order to achieve good catch results Thailand Fishing strongly recommend a guide only 1000 THB for 8 hours he can take care of 2 rods.

Without Guide, 2000THB per rod / and 200 THB for the Net / Deposit.

At loss of rod and rell 10,000THB

At loss of Net 1500THB.

Do we need to bring something to eat or drink?

# No / It is not allowed to bring food or drink to the fishing park.

New Bungsamran has a restaurant with delivery service to your fishing place / 24 hour mini market / coffee shop /at affordable prices.

How do we get from Bangkok to New Bungsamran?

# The taxi ride from BKK center to New Bungsamran takes between 1 and 1.5 hours depending on traffic. We have a taxi service or we can send you a map and you can come by yourself.

How can we pay?

# We send you PayPal per Email / for Deposit.

Rest on arrival in cash. No Credit Cards !

In New Bungsamran we can fish with lures or fish baits?

# NO on New Bungsamran only rice flour or bread baits are allowed. If you are interested in a predator tour on otherwaters please Contact. NEW: from 01.01.2020 there is a special permit to fish with lures with single hooks at the NBSR.
Foreigners have to fish with a guide. Daily permit with own Lures 10,000 THB
Booking in advance is mandatory. Please send us an email. we prepare everything.

Is it dangerous to fish in Thailand?

#Yes and No: There are huge and dangerous fish but if you follow the instructions of our top guides you are safe.

Do I have to bring my own fishing gear?

# No all guided trips with Thailand-Fishing are well equipped with top fishing Equipment.

But if you wish you can use your own equipment.

Please bring your Sunglasses / suncream / cappe / luck and good mood.

What is the best season for fishing?

#Fishing in Thailand is very good all year round.

In Malaysia is the high season for Sailfish from July to November.

We would like to spend our fishing vacation in Thailand on what they would recommend.

# Thailand-Fishing recommend do not go to only one venues visit different lakes with various fish species. We are happy to help you find / catch your dream fish. Even days without fishing relax / party / beach holiday we can plan everything for you.