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 Welcome by Thailand-Fishing 

Thailand is one of the best fishing countries in the world.
Welcome, you have found the best way to catch big fish in Thailand.
With Thailand-Fishing, guests from all over the world have caught thousands of huge fish.
Arapaima gigas over 400 lbs., Mekong giant catfish over 300 lbs., Chao Phraya catfish

over 200 lbs., Siamese giant carp over 150 lbs. and many other species have been caught

in record weights many times by guiding with Thailand-Fishing.

Arapaima Gigas catch by Thailand-Fishing
Mekong Catfish catch by Thailand-Fishing.
Giant Siam Carp catch by Thailand-Fishing.
Big Fish catch in Thailand.

Who is Thailand-Fishing.

About Us:

Thailand-Fishing is directed by a registered licensed

tour guide from the Department of Tourism Thailand.

To get the best out of your fishing vacation,

Thailand-Fishing brings together the

knowledge / experience / information / services

from the following many hundreds of people:

The community of thailand fishing friends / Lake owners /

Local Fishing Guides / Professional International Fishing Guides/

Fish Dealers / Lawyers / Fishing Shops / Resorts-Hotel-Restaurant-Bar owners /

Fishing Gear Dealers / Travel-Bus-Taxi Employers and many more from various

fields are available.
And the Thailand-Fishing Teams:
Thailand-Fishing Team New Bungsamran for Giant Mekong Catfish and Carp.
Thailand-Fishing Team Arapaima and Predator.
Thailand-Fishing Team Pattaya Fishing Guide for fishing around Pattaya area.
Thailand-Fishing Team Sailfish for sea fishing in Thailand and especially Malaysia.

We are proud of the many Thailand-Fishing Members, from all over the world.

Yes, that's all is Thailand-Fishing. We all work for your success!

Thailand Department of Tourism logo

Where is Thailand-Fishing active?

Our main venue is New Bungsamran Fishing Park Bangkok. 
But Thailand has so many great fishing venues and amazing fish species.

That is why Thailand-Fishing goes fishing in Central - East - West Thailand.

Bangkok / Nakhon Pathom / Ayutthaya / Pattaya / Ratchaburi / Cha Am /Hua Hin / Gulf of Thailand / Malaysia sea and more .... are fished by Thailand-Fishing

Visit the list of fishing Venues in the navigation at Create your own trip.

Thailand-Fishing know all the famous fishing locations, many private and 

some unknown fishing venues.

Welcome by the Thailand-Fishing Communityhing
What makes Thailand Fishing?

Thailand-Fishing brings anglers from all over the world to the great fish species of Thailand.

Thailand-Fishing loves to take guests to their dream fish. Fishing is our passion.

We know where to find the best fishing hot spots for Arapaima, Mekong Giant Catfish,

Siamese Carp, Chao Phraya Catfish, Alligator Gar, Barramundi, Pacu, Snakehead, Redtail Catfish and a lot of others. Thailand-Fishing is also very familiar with sea fishing on Sailfish, Barracuda, Snapper, Cobia, Jacks, Pampano, Grouper etc ...!
In the Thailand-Fishing / Gallery you will get an overview of the fish species of Thailand.

At Thailand-Fishing you get completely organized fantastic fishing trips with:

Transportation / All fishing permits / Top-fishing equipment / Top baits / friendly service
Top guiding with Thailand-Fishing experts / Knowledge of all top venues and more /

Experience in all types of fishing / Lots of secret and unknown information about fishing / Accommodation near the venues / Food catering / good general knowledge of Thailand /

and that all at good prices. Eat - Sleep - go Fishing with BIG fish and fun in Thailand.

With Thailand-Fishing you catch your dreamfish!

Why book with Thailand-Fishing?

We make the best of your fishing Holiday!
We have the overview, are not tied to a venue and want to take you just in time to the right

place for your best catch ever.

All our trips are planned and organized very precisely,

it is very important to us to have

successful and satisfied customers.

Thailand-Fishing is Member of IGFA.
Take advantage of the 30-year of excellent experience of Fishing in Thailand and make your adventure a memory of a lifetime.
Enjoy the extensive service of Thailand-Fishing. You do not have to worry about anything, everything is well organized. Catch only fish and enjoy your holiday.

Contact Thailand-Fishing to get the best / NOW!
Maybe you will become a member of our big Thailand-Fishing Family?

Thailand-Fishing-Member of IGFA

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在泰国钓鱼   Memancing di thailand   태국 낚시  Angeln in Thailand    Fischen in Thailand   Angelurlaub in Thailand  Angelabenteuer in Thailand   タイでの釣り   Рыбалка в таиланде  

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