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Thailand-Fishing loves to take guests to their dream fish.
Fishing is our passion. Thailand-Fishing trips brings you to the biggest fish in Thailand.
By day trips / multi day / week trips or

full fishing holidays in Thailand. At many different venues.

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Contact us and you will catch BIG Fish in Thailand.
Enjoy the best fishing service in Thailand-Fishing.
Enjoy the best fishing equipment in Thailand-Fishing.
Catch the biggest fish in Thailand-Fishing.

Warning- security notice: According to Thai law,
only licensed registered tour guides of the
Thai Department

of Tourism are allowed to guide foreign anglers!
Unlicensed Thai Tour guides and foreign guides
work illegally in Thailand.
Take care when entrusting your fishing vacation.

Avoid problems, because ignorance does not protect

against punishment.

All trips can start from: Airport- Bangkok / Hotel Bangkok / Hotel Pattaya.

All Thailand-Fishing trips are including this cost :

  • Transportation/Round trip.

  • Fishing license.

  • Top-fishing equipment.

  • Top Baits and Lures.

  • Top Fishing/Guiding with experts from TFF-Team.

  • Photo service.

  • Enjoy our friendly service english/thai/multi language basic speaking team.

  • By more day Trips Accommodation near the lake

  • and Food Catering and non-alcoholic beverages.

Fill yourself up freely and tell us all your wishes for your fishing Holiday.

With our huge community there is almost nothing we cannot organize for you here in Thailand. 

To give you an individual offer please let us know: from where to start the trip / date / how many anglers / escorts / special wishes. 

Cheaper and better than if you can do it by yourself !

Catch your dream fish with Thailand-Fishing and TFF-Team. 

Make our experience / excellent Knowledge to your big success!

fishing vacation in thailand   Angelurlaub in Thailand  在泰国钓鱼假期    Percutian memancing di Thailand   

태국 낚시 휴가   see der giganten   タイでの釣りの休日  Отдых на рыбалке в Таиланде   Fishing trip in Thailand   Angelausflug in Thailand   Angeltour in Thailand   Angeltrip in Thailand  泰国钓鱼之旅   

Perjalanan memancing di Thailand   태국 낚시 여행    angeln in thailand erlaubt   タイでの釣り旅行   Рыбалка в Таиланде 

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