Thailand-Fishing Trips recommended by TFF-Team.

New Bungsamran / Mekong and Carp

Arapaima and Predator Trip 

Barramundi fishing / spin and fly

Fun fishing for many various Fish Species

Pattaya Trips / Pattaya Fishing Guide.

2 Day VIP Monster Arapaima

3 Day Predator Trip

Siam Carp and Mekong Catfish Trips.

Create your on Trip / Tour according to your wishes / dream fish.

Malaysia Sailfish Action Fishing

Malaysia Sailfish Challenge - Tournament

All day / multi day / or creat your own Trip / tours can be combined with each other.






Warning- security notice: According to Thai law,

only licensed tour guides of the Thai Department of Tourism

registered in Thailand are allowed to guide foreign anglers.

Unlicensed Thai Tour guides and foreign tour guides

work illegally in Thailand.

Therefore, pay attention when entrusting your fishing vacation

and do not avoid problems that protect ignorance from punishment.

To open / click on Trip

All trips can start from: Airport- Bangkok / Hotel Bangkok / Hotel Pattaya.

All Thailand-Fishing trips are including this cost :

  • Transportation

  • Fishing license

  • Top-fishing equipment

  • Top Baits and Lures

  • Fishing with experts from TFF-Team

  • By more day Trips Accommodation near the lake

  • and Food Catering and non-alcoholic beverages.

Fill yourself up freely and tell us all your wishes for your fishing vacation.

With our huge community there is almost nothing we cannot organize for you here in Thailand.

Enjoy our friendly service english / thai / germany speaking Team. To give you an individual offer please let us know: from where to start the trip / date / how many anglers / escorts / special wishes. 

Cheaper and better than if you can do it by yourself !

Catch your dream fish with Thailand-Fishing and TFF-Team. 

Make our experience / excellent Knowledge to your big success!