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Ocean Fishing Pattaya.


Thailand-Fishing takes you to ocean fishing pattaya.
Catch Big Fish in the Pattaya deep Sea.

Thailand-Fishing recommends 24 hour trips they are much more successful, 

like short trips.
Thailand-Fishing makes these trips with a over 25 meters traditional thai wooden fishing ship. The 2 store fishing boat has everything that we need for a 24 hours

or a multi-day fishing trip. The 1st floor has an area around the boat for fishing, kitchen, toilet/shower and area for rest.

The 2nd floor includes 2 sleeping cabin, sunbeds with sun protection and a cockpit. Big live bait tanks, fish finders, GPS navigation systems, VHF radios, first aid kits, life jackets and fishing equipment are available for your safety and successful fishing. 

The captain and crew have decades of fishing experience and have made hundreds of successful trips.

Normally a maximum of 10 anglers can share this trip.

Thailand-Fishing is a licensed registered tour guide of the Thai Department of Tourism and a Member of IGFA.

Thailand-Fishing is a licensed registered tour guide of the Thai Department of Tourism and a Member of IGFA.

The 24 hours pattaya deep sea fishing trip travel process-plan: 

Start meeting point 4:30 pm at Bali Hai Pier Pattaya/Bang Saray/Sattahip where the schools of fish are.

Departing to the fish spots, at nightfall we fish for live squid with fishing rod and traditional Thai technique by using a huge net and green spotlights. 

The live squids are very important baits for almost all ocean fish species. 

When we've caught enough squids, the Captain goes to the Hot spots for ocean fishing pattaya trips. Thailand-Fishing is now starting depp sea fishing for big fish. 

Fishing at night and into the sunrise is not only very beautiful but also successful.

Thailand-Fishing offers you a delicious dinner, breakfast and lunch that gives you the power to catch big fish.

Several hotspots for deep sea fishing in Pattaya are fished.

In the afternoon it goes back and the catch is shared. 

Around 5pm we reach the Pier from where we started..


Possible ocean fishing pattaya fish species to catch:
Red Snapper, Golden Snapper, Spanish Mackerel, African Pompano, Cobia,
Groupers, Trevally, Barracuda, Queenfish, King mackerel.
With luck Sailfish, Marlin juvenile, Sharks and  many more.

This Thailand-Fishing trip are includes this cost :
- Fishing Boat Charter with Captain and crew.
- Fishing equipment.
- Top Fishing/Guiding with experts from TFF-Team.
- Enjoy our friendly service english/thai/multi language basic speaking team.

- Photo service.

- share of freshly caught fish and squid to take home (by wish).

- Food Catering, dinner, breakfast, lunch, water, soft drinks.

  No alcoholic beverages (please bring your own).

Dates and prices.
In order to get a good price for the trip, there should be at least 5 anglers who share the boat. If you are interested, please contact us as long in advance as possible.

If you are already a group, that's perfect. If you are alone or as a couple, let us know we will try to form a group. Non-anglers/escorts are also welcome.

Let us know your situation and we will make you an offer. 

We also post current dates to follow up on our Facebook page @thailandangler
In order to make a successful appointment for a Thailand-Fishing 

Ocean Fishing Pattaya trip we have to plan many things. 

Tides, phases of the moon, weather, currents, availability of the boat, the composition of a group and more are to be considered.

The organization of 48 hours and 3-4-5 day deep sea fishing trips is even more difficult. But the longer the trips, we can fish distant wrecks and gas and oil platforms in the Heart from the Gulf of Siam. 

The deeper we go fishing into the Gulf of Siam, the more and bigger fish we catch.

Enormous catches are often possible on multi-day deep sea fishing trips. 

Thailand-Fishing recommends multi-day deep sea fishing pattaya trips should be from the end of October to April during this time the chances of calm sea are greatest. 

If you want to experience such a great adventure, please meditate as

long in advance as possible!!!

Or you would like a private 10 hour trip day or night for 1-2 people with a small boat.

Get in touch and we will take you to BIG Fish.

For more saltwater and freshwater fishing trips in the Pattaya area,

click here

To give you an individual offer please let us know:
wish date / how many anglers / escorts / special wishes.

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