Fun fishing for many various Fish Species.

Fishing many different fish species in one day.

In Thailand - Bangkok and Pattaya.

On this trip Thailand-Fishing gives you the unique opportunity to catch many different fish species in just one day. We recommend this perfect day trip if you are fishing in Thailand for the first time and you want to catch as many different species as possible in a short time.

Also suitable for families with children.

Look forward to a varied day with lots of fish and fun.

Possible fish species: 


  • Snakehead

  • Pacu

  • Barramundi

  • Redtail Catfish

  • Featherback

  • Chao Phraya catfish

  • Asian redtail catfish

  • Siam Carp

  • Mekong Catfish

  • Tilapia and more.


The lakes are around 1 hour journey from Bangkok or Pattaya. There is a restaurant with

good food / cool drinks and wifi. And of course have toilets - shower and friendly staff on the lake.

With the experience and guiding from TFF- Team, you will catch many various Fish Species.

With Thailand-Fishing TFF- Team are success and fun sure!

Possible fishing time 06:00am to 06:00pm  


Standard Procedure: pick up from Bangkok Hotel or Pattaya Hotel ( time according to your wishes)

Ride to the Lake / Fishing for various fish / Bring you back to Hotel Bangkok or Hotel Pattaya.

All trips are including this cost :

  • Transportation

  • Fishing license

  • Top-fishing equipment

  • Top baits

  • Fishing with experts from TFF-Team


Enjoy our friendly service english / thai / german / Italy speaking Team.

To give you an individual offer please let us know: from where to start the trip / date / how many anglers / escorts / special wishes.