2 days VIP MONSTER  ARAPAIMA fishing with catch Guarantee !!!

Thailand - Fishing TFF Arapaima Team bring a few selected VIP guests per year to the best VIP MONSTER  ARAPAIMA fishing in Thailand and maybe in the world.

Our Private TFF MONSTER ARAPAIMA Lake is located 250km/h outside Bangkok in north direction. The more than 35.000 sqm large lake is in a quiet and beautiful landscape.

More than 25 years ago, Arapaimas were released into the lake and were not fished until December 2017. They are very very WILD and have grown into true giants with weights from 100kg up to 200kg plus.

Here live most of Thailand's native fish species. Under water lurk still some mysterious secrets.

Possible fishing time: 24 hours only with TFF guide - night fishing possible.


Travel process: pick up from Bangkok Hotel or Pattaya Hotel ( time according to your wishes)  Ride to the Lake /  24 hours VIP MONSTER  ARAPAIMA fishing /  bring you back to Hotel Bangkok or Hotel Pattaya.

All trips are including this cost :

•         Transportation

•         24 hours VIP ARAPAIMA fishing

•         Catch Guarantee!

•         Top-fishing equipment

•         Top baits

•         VIP guiding with TFF Arapaima experts   

•         VIP Accommodation

•         lovely Bungalow on the lake

•         Catering

Enjoy our friendly service english / thai / german / Italy speaking Thailand Fishing TFF Team.

To give you an individual offer please let us know: from where start the trip / date / how many anglers / escorts / special wishes.

Arapaimas are native to northern South America in the Amazon and in the lower reaches of the southern tributaries. From 1960 Arapaimas were imported to Thailand. Most were kept as aquarium fish, but gradually introduced in lakes due to their size. In the 90s they were discovered by sport anglers.

As this rare, huge and mysterious fish attracted more and more anglers from all over the world, more and more Arapaimas were bred and introduced in lakes.

Now there are many fishing lakes in Thailand have a few Arapaimas.

In some lakes there have a very good occurrence, a few have true monster Arapaimas up to 200kg heavy.

These giants are very old and very very smart and make a real challenge to the angler.

Arapaimas are among the most expensive freshwater fish large specimens cost several thousands U $. The death of a great Arapaimas is a big financial loss for the lake owner. This explains the high prices for fishing licenses especially for Arapaima. Even with large and old Arapaimas there is always a high risk that they die after catching (heart attack).

Arapaima gigas is the favorite fish from Thailand - Fishing.

TFF-Arapaima Team loves hunting this beautiful and mysterious giant hunter.

A huge amount of knowledge and experience is at our disposal to guide you to this dreamfish. We have catch and release hundreds of these beauty predators up to over 200kg.

Info about Arapaimas in Thailand

The catch of a MONSTER ARAPAIMA is an unforgettable experience !!!

To give you an individual offer please let us know: from where start the trip / date / how many anglers / escorts / special wishes.

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