Arapaima and Predator fishing trip.

Arapaima gigas is the favorite fish from Thailand-Fishing.

TFF-Arapaima Team loves hunting this beautiful and mysterious giant hunter.

In the past it was very difficult to catch one of these freshwater kings.

Even today, every Arapaima catch is an amazing experience. 

But with our great knowledge and experience, which we provide to you.

And with our many excellent known / private / secret Arapaima venues, we are the best top Team for Arapaimas.

In our own lake we breed, study and observe our Arapaimas which teaches us a lot of knowledge.

The Thailand-Fishing TFF Arapaima Team caught    1343   of these predators up to over 200kg in the last 20 years. That makes us to the leading Arapaima Experts.

Trust us we bring you to success.

Catch a Monster Arapaima here in Thailand - Bangkok or Pattaya. 

We make the dream of catching Arapaima come true!

Let us know what type of fishing you prefer: fly - spin or bait fishing, and we take you just in time to the right place for your best catch. The most top venues are around 100 to 200 kmh outside of Bangkok. We are happy to organize day trips, if you can we recommend multi-day trips.

Only Thailand-Fishing offers you an
If you fish for 3 days with Thailand-Fishing and you do not catch a

Arapaima, you will get your MONEY BACK !


Of course you will also catch various other predatory fish with our Thailand-Fishing Arapaima-Predator Team.

Possible fish species:

  • Arapaima

  • Redtail Catfish

  • Alligator gar

  • Chao Phraya catfish

  • Asian redtail catfish

  • Pacu

  • and many more.

Possible fishing time 07:00 am to 06:00 pm

Standard Procedure: pick up from Airport Bangkok or Bangkok Hotel or Pattaya Hotel ( time according to your wishes) Ride to the Lake / Fishing for Arapaima and Predator / Bring you back to Hotel Bangkok or Pattaya.

All trips are including this cost :

  • Transportation

  • Fishing license

  • Top-fishing equipment

  • Top Lurs/Fly"s/baits.

  • Fishing with experts from TFF-Arapaima Team

  • By more day Trips Accommodation near the lakes.

  • and Food Catering and non-alcoholic beverages.


Enjoy our friendly service english / thai / german / Italy speaking Team.

See you soon 

by Thailand-Fishing

To give you an individual offer please let us know: from where start the trip / date / how many anglers / escorts / special wishes.

Pesca Arapaima in Thailandia.- Arapaima釣魚在泰國. - Pêche Arapaima en Thaïlande. - Песка Арапайма в Таиланде. ペスカアラパイマ タイニアで。

Arapaima Angeln in Thailand