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New Bungsamran Lake.

New Bungsamran


Welcome to the New Bungsamran fishing lake and enjoy the service from Thailand-Fishing

The old Bungsamran where 1984 was opened closed on 30 st March 2017.

All the fish from the old lake move to the New Bungsamran fishing lake.

On the 31 st of March 2017, the New Bungsamran fishing park Bangkok opens.

The more than 138.000 Square meters and very deep lake is stocked with more than 40 fish species.

Over 40,000 Mekong Giant Catfish up to 200kg and 4000 Giant Siamese Carp up to 100kg are in the lake.

With a fishing license you can fish from the community pier or 29 private bungalows.

The New Bungsamran  lake has a restaurant with delivery service / mini market / coffee shop / free wifi /

fishing tackle shop and 24 hours reception. 

Visit the New Bungsamran Gallery.

The New Bungsamran is now the best stocked fishing park

for Giant Mekong Catfish and Giant Siam Carp.

In Bangkok - Pattaya - Thailand - Asia and Worldwide.

New Bungsamran fishing park price list

New Bungsamran Map.

Fishing Park Rules


  1. No illegal drugs allowed at New Bungsamran.

  2. Do not make loud noise or disturb other guests.

  3. Do not enter the water New Bungsamran accepts no responsility for injury or loss life.

  4. Do not bring any outside food or drink into New Bungsamran.

  5. Do not bring any outside bait into New Bungsamran.

  6. Every person fishing must have a landing net.

The lake is every day for fishing open 24 hours:


Have two rounds for Fishing and Bungalows:
round 1 from 9AM to 8:00PM ( Day time )
round 2 from 9PM to 8:00AM ( Night time )

Price for Fishing
Fishing License /1rod/1round                           4,000 Baht
Rod Rental /round (Deposit 2,000 Baht)                500 Baht
Large Net Rental /round (Deposit 200 Baht)            60 Baht
Fishing Guide 8 hours (with Guide no deposit)    1,300 Baht
1 Guide can take care 2 rods    
Bag of Bait mix 6 KG                                          500 Baht

Package Fishing  Total Price                              6,000 Baht

Price for Bait

Big Bag of Bait 25 KG riceflour/Lam                     720 Baht
Bag of Breadcrums 2KG                                        80 Baht

Various Fishing Flavour at the Shop

If you book in advance by email you get a Discount!


    Price for Bungalows per round 11 hours

Bungalow location see map !

All Bungalows have TV fan and fridge.

Violet VIP Bungolow No.14 /                          5,000 Baht

 2 bed /2 bath / big living room, 2 Air con /Max 10 people

- REDVIP Bungalow No.9/ No.29                     4,000 Baht

 2 bed / 2 bath / big living room, 2 Air con/Max 8 people

GREEN VIP Bungalow                                    3,000 Baht

1 bed / 2 bath / 1 living room,1 Air con/Max 8 people

- Orange Bungalow                                         2,500 Baht

1 bed /1bath / 1 living room1 Air con /Max 6 people

- BLUE Bungalow                                            2,000 Baht

1bed /1 bath /1 Air con Max 6  people


- Yellow Bungalow                                           1,000 Baht

1 bed / fan max 3 people

Price for Taxi
Taxi Airport - New Bungsamran NBSR                 1,000 Baht
Taxi pick up BKK Hotel-NBSR
 back to BKK Hotel   1,800 Baht
Taxi Pattaya - New Bungsamran (one way)           1,500 Baht

The New Bungsamran is 35km from the Airport Suvarnabhumi – Bangkok away.

GPS:  N 13°81´87.90 E 100°93´99.80


From Bangkok to NBSR Taxi need about 1,5 hours

If you booking your full trip in advance on

the website we will give you a discount.

We make it cheaper and better than if you can do it by yourself !!

Please help to protect the Fish!

BIG Fish please take pictures in the water!

Small Fish keep always wet and make fish photos quick!



Thailand-Fishing is the official / licensed tour agent of New Bungsamran.

Thailand-Fishing is directed by a registered licensed

tour guide from the Department of Tourism Thailand.

According to Thai law,

only licensed tour guides of the Thai Department of Tourism

registered in Thailand are allowed to guide foreign anglers.

Unlicensed Thai Tour guides and foreign tour guides

work illegally in Thailand !

Your advantages if you book in advance with Thailand-Fishing TFF-Team New Bungsamran.

  • Top Equipment

  • Top Guides

  • Excellent Knowledge

  • Complete travel planning

  • Photo service.

  • Taxi-Service

  • On request: Special guiding trip of Giant Siam Carp.

  • If you are planning a fishing holiday at New Bungsamran for several weeks
    or would like to fish many rounds with the TFF - Team, it is possible to become a TFF Member. Then we can enable you to issue a 1-year fishing permit for Members of the New Bungsamran.

  • Thailand-Fishing organize perfect events for:
    Price fishing / company meetings / friendship fishing / parties / large groups / families with children / single anglers.

  • Can be combined well with our many other Thailand-Fishing trips.

  • Accommodation Service

  • Our mission is to give an amazing service to foreigners from all over the world!

  • English and multiple languages speaking.

  • VIP Service.

  • Cheaper and better than if you can do it by yourself ! 


New Bungsamran Adresse:

New Bungsamran Fishing Park

Sala Daeng 9, Bang Nam Priao District,

Chachoengsao 24000, Thailand

 New venue giant bang len fishing park coming soon.

Discover many Thailand-Fishing Trips.

Thailand-Fishing welcome anglers from all over the world to the great fishing in Thailand. Catch big fish in Thailand. Catch Catfish in Bangkok.

Catch Carp on New Bungsamran. Bungsamran湖上的泰国/曼谷钓大鱼。Tangkap ikan besar di Thailand / Bangkok di tasik Bungsamran.

Bungsamran 호수의 태국 / 방콕에서 큰 물고기를 잡아보세요.  ブンサムラン湖でタイ/バンコクで大きな魚を捕まえましょう。

Fangen Sie große Fische in Thailand. Angeln in Bangkok am Bungsamran See. Wels Angeln am Bungsamran. Karpfen angeln am Bungsamran. Thailand Mekong Welse. Thailand Karpfen angeln.    Поймайте крупную рыбу в Таиланде / Бангкоке на озере Бунгсамран.

在曼谷钓鱼   Memancing di Bangkok   방콕에서 낚시하기   Angeln in Bangkok  Angeln am Bungsamran. Angeln in Pattaya. Mekong Wels Thailand.

Angeln am New Bungsamran   Fischen in Bangkok   バンコクでの釣り   Рыбалка в Бангкоке   Bungsamran Bangkok. Mekong catfish fishing in Thailand. 

New Bungsamran bangkok. New Bungsamran Pattaya. New Bungsamran thailand. Bungsamran thailand. Bungsamran Bangkok. Bungsamran Pattaya.

新的Bungsamran曼谷。 新的Bungsamran芭堤雅。 新的Bungsamran泰国。 Bungsamran泰国。 Bungsamran曼谷。 Bungsamran芭堤雅。

Bungsamran baru Bangkok. Bungsamran Pattaya Baru. Bungsamran baru thailand. Bungsamran thailand. Bungsamran Bangkok. Bungsamran Pattaya.

뉴 붕 삼란 방콕. 뉴 붕 삼란 파타야. 새로운 Bungsamran 태국. Bungsamran 태국. Bungsamran 방콕. Bungsamran 파타야. 湄公河cat鱼捕鱼在泰国。

New Bungsamran Bangkok. New Bungsamran Pattaya. New Bungsamran Thailand. Bungsamran Thailand. Bungsamran Bangkok. 태국에서 메콩 메기 낚시.

Bungsamran Pattaya. タイでのメコンナマズ釣り。Ловля меконгского сома в Таиланде. Carp fishing in Thailand. Karpfenangeln in Thailand.

新しいブンサムランバンコク。 新しいブンサムランパタヤ。 新しいブンサムランタイ。 Bungsamranタイ。 ブンサムランバンコク。 ブンサムランパタヤ。 Бунгсамран Паттайя.  鲤鱼捕鱼在泰国。태국에서 잉어 낚시.    タイでの鯉釣り。 Карповая рыбалка в Таиланде.  Carp fishing in Bangkok. 

Новый Бунгсамран Бангкок. Новый Бунгсамран Паттайя. Новый Бунгсамран, таиланд. Бунгсамран таиланд. Бунгсамран Бангкок.

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